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John Charnock


John In Print - Latest Article: JWP Creers

My latest article to be featured in print is:

MANAGING & DEVELOPING PEOPLE, the third and final part in the series

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Welcome to my website!

Let’s face it, for the vast majority of us, in many different ways, business is getting tougher and staying effective in a challenging world is a daily struggle.

I can help you!

There are plenty of people out there offering you advice – I’m offering something more - advice, flexibility and implementation.

From the hundreds and hundreds of companies of every size I’ve been involved with during the last 30 years I have seen a clear picture emerge:

• There is plenty of professional knowledge and expertise out there

• Truly great performance requires far more than professional knowledge

• Most owners and managers work long hours just ‘getting the product or service out of the door’ to the extent that there is little time to see the big picture

• Planning and budgeting is not always as robust as it could be

• There is no shortage of people willing to offer advice – at a price - but leave you the task of implemention

 What I can offer you is not just advice based on what I’ve learnt over the years, but I will then go that important step further and help you make a reality of those plans, implement that change, or develop your people through coaching.

 Whether you want straight-forward business help, advice or executive coaching I can offer you a flexible approach, be it non-executive, interim management, project management or a series of coaching sessions.

Follow the links for further details of what I can offer and more about my background.

Your business is too important to be just left to chance or driven by external circumstances, take control and call me today.